• The Lake Wells Potash Project

    Australian Potash for Australian Farmers

  • Australia Currently Imports 100% of its Potash ...

  • The Lake Wells Potash Project is Targetting Sulphate of Potash, the Premium Source of Potassium in Fertilisers ...

  • The Lake Wells Potash Project

    Aiming to Provide Australian Farmers with Australian Potash

Goldphyre Resources Limited

Goldphyre Resources is a minerals exploration company focussed on advancing its key project, the Lake Wells Potash Project.

Located approximately 400 kilometres north-east of the Eastern Goldfields centre of Kalgoorlie, the Lake Wells Potash Project is being explored for the premium fertiliser mineral Sulphate of Potash (SOP), contained within the lake brines. Targeting the domestic demand from Australian farmers for this essential plant macro-nutrient, the Lake Wells Potash Project’s location, access to infrastructure, including roads, rail and air services, and the very strong potassium (K) grades returned to date, all highlight its very strong merits.

In addition to the highly prospective Lake Wells Potash Project, Goldphyre’s project portfolio comprises the gold and base metals prospective Laverton Downs and Mailman Hill projects, and the Beretta project, located in rapidly emerging base metals minerals province in the Albany Fraser Orogen.

The Laverton Downs Project is located 15 kilometres north of the Laverton township, lying in the highly prospective Laverton Tectonic Zone. Historic base metal geochemistry anomalies and gold-in-drillhole anomalies were targeted in Goldphyre drilling, resulting in significant and anomalous drill-hole gold intercepts reported in 2013-2014 RAB drilling.

The Beretta Project consists of one 350 km2 exploration licence application (ELA 28/2501) in the Albany Fraser Orogen.  Elevated nickel, copper and zinc values have been recorded in historic drilling and regional magnetic images indicate cross-cutting magnetic lineament features and a high priority circular magnetic high feature, referred to as MI6.

Please refer to the Projects page for detailed information about each Project area.

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Corporate Overview

Goldphyre Resources Limited (ABN 58 149 390 394) is an Australian public company, limited by shares. The Company’s shares are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: GPH), as are one series of options (ASX: GPHO).

Capital Structure

99,665,004 fully paid ordinary shares (ASX: GPH)
75,570,937 listed options, exercise price $0.08, expiring 30 September 2016 (ASX:GPHO)
1,000,000 unlisted options, exercise price $0.195, expiring 29 May 2016

Board of Directors

Matt Shackleton, B.Comm., FCA, MBA

Brenton Siggs, B.App.Sc.(Geol.)

Dean Goodwin, B.App.Sc.(Geol.)

Company Secretary

John Ribbons, B.Bus., CPA

Corporate Directory & Shareholder Information

Registered Office Address
Ground Floor, 20 Kings Park Road
West Perth, Western Australia 6005

t: +61 8 9389 2111
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Business Address
31 Ord Street
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Postal Address
PO Box 1941
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Web Address

Matt Shackleton FCA – Executive Chairman
e: m.shackleton@goldphyre.com.au
m: +61 (0)438 319 841
Skype: mattshackleton

Brenton Siggs B.App.Sc. (Geol.) – Non-Executive Technical Director
Dean Goodwin B.App.Sc. (Geol.) – Non-Executive Director

Company Secretary
John Ribbons
t: +61 8 9389 2111
f: +61 8 9389 2199

Share Registry
Security Transfer Registrars
770 Canning Highway
Applecross, Western Australia 6153

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Corporate Governance


Adopted by Shareholders: 19 April 2011
Effective Date: The date of the issue of Certificate of Registration Upon Change of Status